5 ways to improve your mental wellness that won’t break the bank

When it comes to focusing on your health, it’s easy to think that all you need to worry about is your physical wellbeing. However, as more and more people in today’s society are suffering from a host of different mental health illnesses, it is essential to make sure that you are doing the utmost to ensure your continued mental wellbeing. Here are just a few free or easily affordable steps you can take to ensure that you are the healthiest you that you can be.

1) Get a good night’s sleep
The more rested you are, the better equipped you are to face the challenges, and seize the opportunities, that life throws your way. At least eight hours sleep a night is recommended to help boost your mental wellness.

2) Eat a healthy diet
You are what you eat, and therefore it is so important to make sure you are eating as healthily as possible. A healthy diet is a great defence against stress and low moods, so always prioritise eating well – and have a good breakfast!

3) Make sure you exercise
Aside from the benefits of simply making you fitter and stronger, exercise is a great way to destress and help you achieve mental wellness. Even simply going for a walk can work wonders, ensuring that you have a regular exercise routine can help keep the demons at bay.

4) Have a chat with a friend
Sometimes it’s easy for us to get stuck in our heads, and make mountains out of psychological molehills. Therefore, having a chat with a friend can help you to gain perspective on things, help you to work through your issues, or simply have a good laugh!

5) Learn a new skill
Learning a new musical instrument, making a new recipe for the first time, or taking up a new sport are great ways to get out of your head and distract yourself. Moreover, picking up a new hobby can help you to meet new people, and improve your skill set whilst improving your mental wellness.

As you can see, there are many small steps you can take to help your mental wellness that will certainly not break the bank. What have you got to lose? For more tips on how to work on your mental wellness in a cost-effective way, check out Voucherism.

Three small changes to make yourself healthier

When it comes to our health, it can be daunting to make significant lifestyle changes, and often the bigger those changes are, the more likely you are to go back to your old, bad habits eventually. Who hasn’t failed that new diet in the first week, or never actually used that gym that you pay a monthly cost for? You’re not alone. Choosing to commit to small, simple and easy to make choices can be the first step on your journey to wellness – and these three changes can make all the difference.

1. Commit to some exercise – no matter how little

Whether it’s a simple ten-minute yoga routine every day, a walk around the block or simply dancing to your favourite tunes, getting moving is the first step to being more healthy. Forget about paying expensive memberships or committing yourself to a full year of exclusive gym use – start in the home with free online videos and work your way up with a little more movement every day.

2. Swap out one thing for something better

Whether it’s a chocolate bar for fruit, brown bread for white or whole milk for skimmed, making small changes is far more accessible than drastically changing your diet, and leaves you with more money in your wallet too. Swapping out just one thing a day for something that bit healthier can lead to great things, sustainably.

3. Enlist your friends

It can be challenging to improve your health if those around you aren’t on-board. Whether it’s your best friend, partner or mum, having someone to cheer you on and provide accountability for those little changes can help you stay on track to a more healthy you. Whether they are joining in with those small changes or already choose a healthy lifestyle, having that backup is as simple as asking for support, but can go a lot further.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness without emptying your wallet, there are many different options to choose from. Go slow, keep on track and you’ll be a healthier you in no time. If you’re looking for better-value ways to support your health kick, from clothing to diet plans, then take a look at our vouchers today to save money – and get healthy in the process.

Four reasons you should be poaching your eggs

Eggs can be an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, they contain all sorts of necessities – such as proteins, vitamins and minerals – that we need to live well and remain fit. The question is: what is the best way to prepare your eggs? Well, if you really want to ensure that you’re sticking to a good diet then you should always consider poaching them. Here are four reasons why this method is great for maintaining your wellbeing.


Poached eggs are typically prepared with just boiling water. Due to this, it’s a grease-free option that you don’t get when you choose to fry your eggs. The oil required in other methods can be fatty and extremely bad for your body and weight, but luckily you don’t have to worry about this if you choose to poach your eggs.


Poached eggs aren’t just cheerful – they’re cheap! After all, there are no pricey additions needed, such as when milk and butter are required in the mixture to prepare scrambled eggs. This ultimately means poached eggs are a cost-busting option, so be sure to re-direct the saved money to maintain your healthy lifestyle in other ways.


Eggs are generally a cheap addition to your shopping trolley. Due to this, you should be able to eat them morning, noon and night. Poached eggs – as opposed to the likes of scrambled or fried eggs – typically transition better throughout the day too. This means you shouldn’t get the sense that you’re eating breakfast when you have them with your lunch or dinner.


Poached eggs go extremely well on the side of healthy dishes. For instance, they make a great component of a yummy salad. You can even put them alongside the likes of smashed avocado on toast, which is a meal that’s high in nutrients.

Bon Appétit!

If you’re keen to improve your health and pinch a few pennies along the way, then you really can’t go wrong with poaching your eggs from now on. The method is the guilt-free option that should leave you feeling better – and richer – than ever! For similar tips, check out Voucherism.

Photo: by neil conway licensed under Creative commons 2

Making your own greeting cards can be great for your health

It can often feel like a week doesn’t go by without someone you know celebrating a birthday. There are also events like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day scattered throughout the year. These, of course, all require greeting cards. The question is: have you ever considered making your own? While it’s certainly easier to buy your cards from the shop, making them yourself can bring with it a number of health benefits. Here are three to think about.


It’s been proven that a person’s mental health can improve when they exercise their creativity. In particular, a creative outlet – such as designing and constructing greeting cards – can help keep feelings of depression and anxiety at bay. Therefore, just thinking about the process of making a greeting card can improve your frame of mind – so just imagine how great you can feel when you’ve completed one and seen the smile it brings to your loved one’s face.


Store-bought cards rarely come cheap. In fact, you can be looking at spending a fair few pounds to purchase one that’s half decent. Yes, it’s true that buying your own material might initially set you back a bit of dough, but you might just be able to find a voucher code that can lighten the expense. You should also look at it as an investment because over time you can use them again and again and you’ll have found a new hobby that is relatively cheap to pursue compared to going shopping, to the gym or to the cinema – thus saving money in the long run. Don’t forget, this spare cash can then be put towards healthy food and exercise equipment to help you stay fit.


First of all, the skills you’ll hone when you make your own cards – from doing such things such as neatly cutting with scissors and carefully folding paper – can develop your coordination. Of course, a heightened sense of coordination is vital for anyone who partakes in exercise or who wants to look after their motor skills as they age. In addition, the skills you perfect will keep your brain active and improve your concentration levels. This is important when it comes to undertaking fitness-related tasks that require willpower and alertness.

Give it a go!

It’s time that you experienced the many financial, cognitive and wellbeing-related advantages of making your own greeting cards. Be sure to start giving it a go so that you so can reap the rewards for yourself. For similar tips on how to save money and keep fit, check out Voucherism.

Three great reasons to open your curtains

It’s often the case that people eat, drink and shower before opening their curtains in the morning. Meanwhile, many also close them at the first sign that the sun might be going down. You should know that this is a bad habit to be in. After all, there are many great reasons to keep your curtains open for as long as you can during the day. Here are just three to think about.


Natural light costs nothing. On the other hand, you’re driving up your electricity bill every time you switch on a lamp. It might only equate to a few pence here and there, but over time choosing to open your curtains can be a real money-saver that will leave you with a lot more cash in your pocket. You can then put this money towards something more valuable for your wellbeing, like healthy food or a gym membership.


It sure can be hard controlling the temperature during the summer months. The average home isn’t fit with air conditioning, so most are left helpless when things start to heat up. It’s worth remembering that curtains add another layer of insulation to your home, meaning the temperature can rise when they’re closed for long periods of time. This can make it difficult for you to relax in the evening or sleep at night, both of which can lead to stress.


Natural light has been found to improve a person’s mood. In fact, there’s actually a type of depression known as seasonal affective disorder, which affects people in the colder months when the days are shorter and they have access to limited sunlight. Due to this, you can actually take positive steps towards ensuring good mental health if you’re quick to open your curtains at the first sign of daylight.

Try it!

Thankfully opening your curtains requires very little effort on your behalf but can still have major advantages. Be sure to give it a go over the summer when the days are longer and there’s more sunlight to enjoy. In the meantime, check out Voucherism for similar tips to help improve your health and finances.

Photo: DSCF3965 by genue.luben licensed under Creative commons 2