5 top tips for losing weight, and keeping it off

    For the majority of us, losing weight is a goal that feels almost impossible to achieve. We all know what we need to do; clean eating, drink plenty of water and exercise…easy, right? So why is it that obesity levels in the UK have tripled in the last 30 years? Unfortunately, despite the gimmicks and the ‘all-singing all-dancing’ weight loss adverts, there are no quick fixes.

    Eating a well-balanced, nutritious and varied diet is the best way of looking after your general health and losing weight. Staying at a healthy weight prevents the risk of many serious diseases, health conditions and even cancer. To help maintain a long-term healthy weight, it is important to adapt your diet and lifestyle to include healthy habits. Most fad diets or quick fix diets only offer temporary results, and people often put back on the weight that was lost once the diet has ended. Making changes to your food intake can seem like a daunting task. You may want to take small steps in the right direction gradually, at a budget that is affordable and easy to maintain.

    So what changes can you make to keep the weight off for good?

    1. Check the packaging – Keep an eye on the fat and sugar content on labels
    2. Have regular meal times – Try not to skip a meal as this will put you at risk of snacking
    3. Look out for reduced fat items on spreads/dressings – The calories saved will add up over time
    4. Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day – Why not take the stairs, or park a street further away than usual?
    5. 5 a day – Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. This can include fresh, frozen or tinned

    Alongside healthy eating, exercise is also important to help keep your body fit and healthy. This doesn’t mean you need to rush out to renew your gym membership, there are plenty of activities you can do that do not require an additional outgoing each month. Walking and running are excellent forms of exercise as they increase your heart rate and work key muscle groups.

    Jayleon Cruz

    Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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