Dining with style on a budget

    One of the biggest costs associated with travel is meals. Fortunately, you can eat very well throughout Europe without breaking the bank, but you need to know the best way to eat well and save money. Consider these tips to keep you and your family well fed on your way to becoming well travelled.

    Make the most of all-inclusive opportunities

    If you are planning to see the sites, you need energy, and a proper, nutritious breakfast is the best way to ensure this. If your hotel offers breakfast included, dive in and don’t come up for air until you are full up! But for travellers on your own, hungry and often tired, it’s too easy to tumble into a pricey restaurant and spend a fortune on breakfast. This just isn’t necessary, nor is it much fun! So what other options are there?

    Pastry shops and bakeries

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but a pastry shop or bakery can fulfil your culinary desires 24/7. Consider patisseries and bakeries where you can order a quiche, baguettes, croissants, apple tarts and more. Look for hearty fare, such as croissants filled with ham and cheese, or pastries with ricotta. Coupled with a steaming cappuccino, you are fed and ready for the road. If the price is right, take a few macarons or cookies to munch on during the day.

    Farmer’s markets

    For breakfast, lunch, late afternoon tea, or an early al fresco dinner, farmer’s markets offer a dizzying array of fresh produce and vegetables at prices that will stagger you if you’ve been dining in local restaurants. Stock your backpack with fresh fruit, artisan bread, farm-fresh cheeses, marinated olives and pick up a bottle of locally made wine. Find a local park or square and indulge all your senses. If you look around you will realise that this is how many locals eat. It’s always a good idea to travel with a Swiss army knife, or even plastic cutlery, a corkscrew and a pack of fresh wipes.

    Off and on the beaten path

    The big cities tend to cater to a pricier, less budget-conscious crowd. Look for the places where students and bohemian crowd eat. Not only is the fare often surprisingly delightful but you may experience a side of Europe you wouldn’t normally consider. If you’re committed to the city, another surprising option is food trucks. Many such trucks are in the thick of the action in major European cities. Why not try a tantalisingly delicious crepe from a street vendor outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris?

    With these tips in mind, you’re sure to travel more cheaply, and enjoy all the culinary delights without the big spending.

    Jayleon Cruz

    Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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