Healthy summer meals on a budget

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Now the weather is finally turning and summer has arrived you might be looking for inspiration to keep you eating healthy in the heat. When the sun hits, it’s so tempting to reach for a beer or an ice-cream, and that’s fine to do, in moderation. But if you’re trying to keep fit and healthy, it’s good to have a stockpile of yummy meals, you can eat al fresco, enabling you to enjoy the sun but stick to your health and fitness goals!


Picnic at the beach, park or lake

A picnic is a perfect food solution to get you outside enjoying the sun without breaking the bank. Try delicious summer recipes, from salads to cous cous dishes, cold pasta and veggie sticks and dips to turn your picnic into a feast. Whether you hit the beach, lakeside or a park – find a nice open space near to you, take your picnic and head out of the house. If you’re enjoying your picnic with a group – ask everyone to bring something to contribute so no one ends up sending too much!


Healthy homemade afternoon tea

Who doesn’t love a get-together focused on cakes and sweet treats? With the average cost of afternoon tea between £20 and £35, not to mention the sugar count through the roof, it is not a healthy or cheap day out. Why not challenge yourself to host a healthy afternoon tea in the comfort of your own home. Buying a batch of basic healthy baking ingredients, including gluten-free flour, eggs and replacing sugar with sweetener, dates or cacao nibs, you can create lots of your favourite delicacies for a fraction of the cost you’d spend in a hotel and you’ll be eating a fraction of the calories! Asking your friends to contribute as little as £2/£3 can help you cover the costs, leaving you with a delicious celebration with friends for very little money.


Go around the world in a week

Why not set aside a week where you try dishes from around the world? Get your friends involved and take it in turns to host each night. You could try a big salad inspired with ingredients from the Med or a delicious Greek feast with lamb koftas, mozzarella, humus and veggie sticks to dip.

With so many healthy and delicious food ideas to try out this summer, there’s no reason to break your dieting goals or the bank!

Jayleon Cruz

Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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