How to do clean eating on a budget

    It’s a question on everyone’s mind at the moment; how can I eat healthy food cheaply? Everyone knows that it is easy to pick up a calorie-heavy microwave meal, or saturated fat rich frozen pizza for next to nothing, whereas the healthy options are usually significantly more expensive. However, clean eating can be done on a budget, allowing you to live that lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing all without breaking the bank. Our experts at Working Vouchers tell you how:

    1. Cook everything yourself

    Buying the basic ingredients to a meal will, 99% of the time, work out cheaper than buying a premade or ready version of the meal. As well as saving money, cooking meals yourself also works out healthier too, as you won’t be putting any of the chemicals, preservatives or additional salt that is needed for these prepacked meals to remain edible in the time taken from production to the supermarket to your dinner table.

    2. Use less meat

    Meat is often the most expensive part of our diet, and often contains the most fat as well. Therefore, by reducing the amount of meat you use in your daily cooking, you can reduce the cost and the amount of fat you are consuming.

    3. Eat your leftovers

    While many people will throw away what they don’t eat, we know that this is an extremely wasteful practice. Not only are you throwing away perfectly edible food that could make up tomorrow’s lunch, but you are also throwing away money too. Store your leftovers safely, and enjoy your lovingly prepared food the next day too.

    4. Buy in season produce

    Buying produce that is in season is a no-brainer. They are cheaper, are fresher and will be tastier than any out of season products, or the canned or frozen variety. Working out what is in season also allows you to try new products and experiment with new meals too!

    At Working Vouchers, we assist anyone who is looking to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget. By offering coupons and vouchers that give you money off clean eating, fitness, and other wellness solutions, take a look at to get you started today!

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    Jayleon Cruz

    Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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