How to travel cheaply with children in tow

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Going on holiday with your entire family can be an expensive business, but if you follow some simple rules, you can save a lot of money and still have a fantastic time. Here are some hints to help you enjoy cheap family vacations.

Be prepared

When planning a family holiday, it pays to do your homework. Research where you are going, shop around for the best deals and check for discounts and coupon codes. Research your destination as well as your travel options – find out what free attractions there are in the area you are visiting. When you are informed before you book, you can enjoy surprisingly cheap travel.

You should also be prepared when packing. Take the things you need and want with you and you will be far less likely to blow your budget when you are out and about. Take plenty of small items to entertain the kids. Content kids are far less likely to ask for lots of treats.

Travel slow

Often, the slower you go, the cheaper your holiday can be. To save money, consider travelling by bus or train, or even taking a hiking or biking holiday. If you travel slowly, your budget will stretch further. Travelling on foot or by bike could also be a great way to keep fit and let the kids run off some steam.

Consider camping

A camping vacation can be a wonderful alternative to other accommodation options. You don’t even have to rough it – there are plenty of glamorous camping options that offer a fairly high level of luxury on a shoestring budget. Kids love camping under the stars with campfires, trees to climb and plenty of adventures. It’s a great way to get them out into nature too.

Get off the beaten track

If you choose to visit very tourist-orientated areas, you are likely to pay more for all goods and services. Seek out quirky and alternative destinations. For example, if you are looking at holidays to Spain, consider one of the lesser known stretches of coastline, or consider a cheap sun holiday or city break inland, where most visitors do not venture.

Be imaginative and use common sense and you can enjoy cheap travel, even on a family holiday.

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Jayleon Cruz

Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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