Summer style: Tricks to look your best in the heat

Summer Style: Tricks to look your best in the heat

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The summer months are perfect for spending time with friends, family and loved ones. This ultimately means that there are even more reasons to look great while enjoying the lovely weather. If you’re currently putting the final touches on your summer style, you should know that there are some top tricks that will improve your appearance while saving you both time and money. Here are just four to think about.


Drink water

Fill up a bottle of tap water and you’ll save plenty on the cost of brand-name water or sugar-heavy beverages that can be bought in shops and bars, helping you pinch a few pennies as you rehydrate in the heat. In addition, water is better for leaving your skin looking moisturised and free from blemishes. It also won’t lead to weight gain and can assist you in getting fit and healthy.


Eat fruit

Fruits are steeped in nutritional goodness. Depending on which type you choose to eat, you can expect them to protect you from illness, lower your blood pressure and improve your digestive system. These benefits – along with countless others – can leave you looking healthy over the summer. As well, fruit is typically cheaper at this time of year and won’t increase your electric bill because it’s one of the few healthy foods you can eat without having to switch on an appliance or cook.


Wear hats

There are few opportunities throughout the year when people can successfully pull off a hat – but the summer is definitely one of them. During the season, headgear can be both a fashion statement and help protect your neck and face from sunburn. With the right hat you can also get away with using fewer hair products and cover up those roots til autumn, saving some cash in the process.


Don big sunglasses

Sunlight hitting your eyes can make you blink excessively and cause inflamed peepers. Not a good look, right? Rather than risk this happening, don a pair of large sunglasses. These won’t just protect your corneas, they’ll also give you an opportunity to hold off on wearing eye make-up while still looking fabulous.


It’s summer!

This season you should remember that it’s possible to look fantastic and save money at the same time. Perfecting your summer style should be an enjoyable process – especially if you know all the best ways to accomplish your look on the cheap.

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