Three reasons to shower rather than bathe when you’re on a health kick

    Every health kick starts off with a can-do attitude and the will to succeed. Sometimes, however, you’ve got to go one step further than just eating right and getting plenty of exercise. For example, how you wash. While you might think it doesn’t make a difference whether you hop in the shower or run yourself a bath, in actual fact there are a number of health-related benefits linked to showering instead of bathing. With this in mind, here are three reasons to shower rather than bathe during your health kick.


    Standing is actually an effective form of exercise that uses multiple muscles in your body. You should take this into account when you’re lathering on the soap while in the shower. The same benefits can’t be enjoyed when you take a bath because you’ll be lying down and using very little energy. Therefore, be sure to take advantage of the small amount of cardio that’s possible when you take a shower.


    The average person typically uses less water when showering than they do when they have a bath. In addition, since baths take longer you should find that you’re using more electricity (lighting, etc.) when in the bathroom. Over time this can eat into your finances – in the process cutting into funds that could be used on healthy food and exercise equipment.


    Timing can often present a huge obstacle to getting fit. After all, things like exercise and meal prep usually take up valuable minutes that people don’t have – especially when they’re working a full-time job. Luckily, a shower won’t command too much of your time because you can hop in and hop out in just a few minutes. Of course, the same doesn’t apply for a bath, which can eat into a person’s valuable free time.

    Try it!

    There’s plenty to gain from taking daily showers while you’re on a health kick. It won’t just provide you with more opportunities to get fit, but will also save you some much-needed cash along the way. Check out our site for further tips on how to stay healthy while operating within a budget.

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