Why setting up your own community soup kitchen is a great idea

    Do you love cooking from scratch? Do you hate food waste, but always find that you have food left over? Well, why not put that leftover food to good use and do something for your community at the same time? Setting up a soup kitchen with like-minded individuals will not only benefit the community, but it will also be hugely beneficial for your own health and well-being. Below we explore some of the benefits and ideas on how to get started.

    You don’t need to buy more food

    We are all living in frugal economic times, and the whole point of starting a soup kitchen is to use the food that you already have. It’s about being creative with your food and interacting with others to offer a range of soups and dishes for the community. This may be for the homeless, a day care centre or simply as a drop in. It’s about sharing the food that is already available.

    Choose a venue

    Where will you host your soup kitchen? This could be in the local community centre. It could be arranged to be held on the street in the town centre for the homeless. You need to have a firm idea of where you wish your venue to be, and then advertise your services.

    Involve the community

    There is nothing better than eating and sharing food with others. As well as being healthy for the body, it’s also healthy for the soul. Involve members of the community – those who want to make meals or dish them out – and then eat as a collective group.

    Contact local supermarkets

    Many supermarkets will donate food to community groups, as they have to throw away any out of date foods, or foods that have damaged packaging, even though the food is safe to eat. This can help you to create even more nutritious and healthy food when combined with your own supplies.

    Setting up a community soup kitchen does not only benefit the health of those who will use your service, but it will also help to improve your own sense of wellness and mental health. It’s good for the community, for you, and for your pocket.

    Jayleon Cruz

    Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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